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No Disagreement Allowed

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Conflict is bad. Therefore, I created this community as a safe space where people can post anything they want to and no one is allowed to disagree. Also, no one is allowed to critique posts in any way or suggest ways that the poster might become a better writer. Hence, there are no standards of quality or style for this community. After all, why would you want to read a community where posters were encouraged to put effort into their writing? Suggesting that some things are more fun to read than others is just mean and wrong, because if you were a better person you would enjoy all written works equally well, from the phone book to Proust.

The only comments allowed in response to posts are happy, supportive statements. Recommended phrases to use in comments are:
  • "I agree!"
  • "***hugs***"
  • "I love you!"
  • "You're brilliant!"
  • "That's so true!"
The difference between this community and dot_warmfluffy is that there is no suggestion that posts ought to be about bunnies, kitties, rainbows, or other warm and fluffy topics. Any subject matter is okay as long as nobody disagrees. After all, why would you ever want to communicate with anybody unless you were sure they were going to agree with -- and not just agree with, but love -- every word you said?

Crossposting and promoting other communities are explicitly allowed, because everything is good and wonderful and therefore it would be wrong to suggest that some ways of posting are better than others.

Any critical or disagreeing comments will be deleted. Also, nobody is allowed to correct anyone's grammar or spelling or suggest ways to improve their posting style and make better posts, because learning is bad. Repeat offenders will be banned! You have been warned! Remember, if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all! Where would civilization ever had gotten if anybody had pointed out others' mistakes?

yet another spinoff from dot_cattiness
moderator: catamorphism